Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail Rock - Nail Wraps

I thought I would share my first attempt at using Nail Wraps. I've collected loads over the past few shopping trips and they seem to have piled up in my room as I've been to scared to try them!  The instructions show that you have to:
1. File and buff the nail
2. Clean them with nail varnish remover
3. Stick the nail wrap on like a sticker
4. File off the excess edge

By using this technique then applying a 'finishing touch' top coat, I managed to achieve this result. Not bad for a first timer. Definitely need some more practise though.
I think they look so great and I've had loads of compliments from strangers! Can't wait to try some new designs, it's such a brilliant idea!
What do you think of nail wraps? Let me know :)

Nail Rock nail wraps - Topshop £6.50


  1. wow, these look so cool! will have to try this out on mine! x

  2. Love the print of these! I bought some leopard print ones a while ago and found they wouldn't stay put so i ended up taking them off. I may give them another go with your tips though!
    Rose x

  3. Wow they look so good, I really want some!
    Claudia xxx

  4. These look so good! I thought they'd be quite tricky to use and put on, but yours are lovely! x

  5. these look amazing! i think they're quite pricey for everyday use but i would definitely try it for a holiday or something! You did a good job, thanks for the tips too, love the photos!

  6. Wow, really cute nails! I've never tried any nail wraps, but I guess I should. They seem so fun - but how long do they stay on?


  7. What camera do you use? The quality is amazing!

  8. I really want to try these!

    feel free to check my blog out, im new to the scene :)

  9. Lovely nails




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