Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Hair History

Ok! So I know this post is a little photo heavy but there's so much to see! I thought I would give you a little insight into all the horrible things I've done to my poor poor hair. It's a chance to look back at all the different styles and colours I've tried over the years, and if anything, it's a good laugh!
So this is me trying daring hairstyles from a young age... born a natural blonde!
So this is a chance for you to say 'aw isn't that adorable' and a chance for me to show my natural colours, and my mums god awful fringe cutting skills.

I think I'm about 11 in this photo? Up until this point I didn't really do much with my hair, to be honest I don't think I was too fussed. I was a bit of a tomboy and just let it grow all natural, long and wavy.

Now this is when I had my first drastic hair cut, I remember it so well because my mum almost cried, and had to leave the room while the hairdresser cut my hair. I felt like I needed a massive change, my daddy had just passed away (boohoo) and it was almost like that feeling you get when you break up with a boyfriend (rubbish comparison I know) but with a change of lifestyle comes a new haircut - it was very therapeutic! So I had this very on trend at the time cut going on, with choppy layers, this was also when I started putting a few highlights in.

This is the beginning of a phase that I really can't apologise for. I'd call this the rebellious stage of my life. Whilst away with my 'step family' for a month in Australia (amazing by the way) my step sister and I made a cheeky trip to the supermarket to buy some hair dye, then hid in the bath room and we both dyed our hair brown/black with out telling anyone. I cannot tell you the amount of trouble we got in. My mum got the shock of her life when I came back to England! Woops.

Then this happened. Hello emo! Sporting the mullet-extensions look. To be honest I have to say this point in my life was so much fun. I really enjoyed being a little bit wild and everyone thinking I was a weirdo. I thought I looked great! This side to me has never left me really, every thing that I liked back then I still like now (music etc), I just don't have the image to go with it!

Then comes the a-symmetric fringe. I have no idea why. Everyone who was anyone was rocking the side fringe back then so I thought I would be a bit different. Totally unrelated to hair, this is when I first met my current boyfriend. He'll kill me for posting his blonde locks on the internet!

Moving on to about 2008 now and I dyed my hair back blonde! Hurraahhh! I remember it being so difficult though, it took two rounds of bleach at the hairdressers to get that horrible gingery colour out. but we managed it.

I left my hair alone for about a year and just let it grow and grow and grow! Getting a full head of highlights every 3 months because by this time, was natural hair colour had gone a dark mousey blonde/brown.

This is me at sixth form, I would occasionally curl my hair with my ghd's but apart from that I left my hair well alone. In this time it grew really healthy a strong. Yay!

After leaving school I got my old fringe cut in again, then quickly decided I didn't like it! I'm pretty sure it made my face look a bit chubby.

Here is the return of the hair dye!! dun dun duuuunnn. I grew my fringe out as much as I could and usually wore it in a middle parting. I cant remember even going this blonde! I have a feeling a might have got a bit carried away...

And from one extreme to another, this is the start of my ombre hair. This is when I was away on long haul as cabin crew, I was so sick of putting my blonde hair up for work and being able to see really dark roots, so I took the plunge and dyed it dark again. My boyfriend says he prefers me with dark hair anyway so I was quite happy to do it. Mum wasn't best please so I came to a compromise with her that I would keep the ends blonde, and she loved it! As for the ombre itself, I didn't do it myself, I was too scared! my hair dresser is a friend of mine and an absolute genius, so it was her magic hands that achieved this!

This is a bit more recent, Christmas 2011, by this time I changed my ombre slightly by moving the blonde lower down, I wasn't completely happy with how it was before.

Hello 2012! So this is how it is now. I've lightened the brown a little but I think it's gone a tad ginger... woops. But I'm happy. As for styling I try to take good care of it and only use heated styling tools every other day. I'm quite happy to just let it go natural and a bit messy. The easier the better!
Hopefully I'll be doing more posts on the products that I use in my hair and things I would recommend.


  1. Wow, you've done so much with your hair. It looks gorgeous now, the style really suits you and the ombre looks gorgeous. x

  2. I want your hair, the way it looks now. Its looks so healthy, do you use any oils?
    My mum also cried when my cousin and I played 'hairdressers' wasn't a pretty sight :D


  3. Your hair is so much nicer now. :)

  4. great post! Hope you are not mad that i stole your idea :p
    I love your ombre hair! Since you look great in dark hair but still kept a bit of your natural blonde :)

  5. I really like your hair now! Great blog! I am now a follower :)
    xo Emilie

  6. awh love this post,
    might have to do one myself.. haha
    looks great now
    Serendipity Style Blog

  7. I actually loved this post! I used to go mad with hair dyes too, my mum has all my youthful snaps but if she didn't I would SO imitate this post style!
    And I also had a little emo phase, the styling may be gone but I shall forever love saves the day


  8. i love the ombre but also think the light blonde really suits you! great post! xxx.

  9. lovely post! love the second picture, so cute!
    i think the ombre looks best, great photo at christmas!


    OH MA GAWD BABES, you is like so lush though! I really want to know how much your cosmetic surgery cost, where did you get it done, would you reccomend it? Anyway babes i wish i was like you. You is like SO BUFF. I am like well jel i cant pull of the dalmation look when i go out clubbin n that in london n that! So buff. Bet you get all the boys though from the pussy patrol! HOT TINGS BABES HOT TINGS

    1. I would just like to point out that, that was definitely not me!!!!!! Just so your followers dont get put off following me if they happen to look at my blog!! Lol!

  11. i love these hair story posts!!!



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