Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Pink Ombre Nails

 With flash
Without flash

A mini nail tutorial for you today! The 'Ombre' trend has been floating around for a year or so now and has really started to surface recently. I love it, and I love any excuse to wear it, so here's my diy creation!

-To start I pained my nails with a base coat of white, I used natural collection - who needs a high end white ey? cheap and cheerful! This base coat will help the top colour stand out.
- I then painted three stripes of my favourite nail polishes onto a make-up sponge, I tried to pick colours that would blend into each other nicely, in this case a pink a peach and a lilac.
- To apply your ombre effect, dab the sponge onto your nail, making sure you dab in the same place each time! I allowed this to dry and applied it a second time to make sure the colour was really vivid. Don't worry about making a mess around your nails!
- Clean up the edges with some nail varnish remover and cotton wool,
(or a little tip I use, wait for it to dry fully and wash it off while you're in the shower with hot soapy water)
- Apply a glossy top coat and you're good to go!

I hope this is inspiration for you on a rainy Tuesday :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weekend Catch Up 8 & OOTN

 Happy weekend! I've had a lovely week celebrating my mums big (we won't say which) birthday, going out and about in London, seeing McFly.... um again? and relaxing at home :)
My laptop's still poorly so I haven't had many chances to blog :( hoping to get it back asap.


This is the outfit I wore to see McFly on Friday, absolutely LOVE this Topshop top, which I first saw on my colleague Sophie and told her I HAD to have it! My boyfriend calls me Professor Mcgonagol when I wear it... boys and fashion ey?

Fashion event with Glamour and Desigual


Hi! So this week Glamour magazine were kind enough to invite me and my cousin along to a little event at Desigual's flagship store in Oxford street. We went along and had some drinks and watched a lovely cat walk show, oh and my cousin Matt met someone from the telly box?? (see pic 1) If you know who he is please enlighten me! But he was VERY excited to meet him so he must be pretty special.
We had a really nice evening and a cheeky maccy d's after! Woops... So I thought I'd share the photos with you guys. Also the outfit I wore on the night!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nails nails nails!

A few snaps of how I've been wearing my nails over the past few weeks, let me know if you want to see tutorials!
001 Effie Trinket, Hunger Games inspired nails. This is how she wore them for the reaping scene in the film.
002 Ciate's Jewel. A beautiful glitter holographic effect.
003 Pink shades water marbling - this was very messy!
004 'Galaxy' inspired nails, using the water marbling technique and glitter for the stars! cute.
005 Barry M pink with graduated glitter.

Weekend catch up 5, 6 AND 7!

Oh my... I guess I better explain for my absence. I promise I'm not being a super lazy blogger! My mother broke my laptop a few weeks ago and it's been in laptop hospital ever since :(
So what have I been up to for nearly 3 whole weeks!?
I've been having a lovely time in London being an intern, as usual.
 I went to see the hunger games... again! I love it so much. Please, if you haven't seen/read it already, what are you waiting for? Go go go!!
I won a competition with River Island and Company Magazine which meant I got a £30 voucher in the post. Don't you just love getting money in the mail? ha. I bought a lovely skirt with it and plan to show you all how I've been wearing it recently.
Been out a couple of time with the friendy pops which is always nice but most importantly as you've probably guessed from the photos, I went to see McFly! Do not judge! They're the band that played the soundtrack to my childhood/teens when I was growing up so the gig was soooo nostalgic since I never got to see them play live in their prime. They actually put on a really good show, I had an amazing time :)
You might have also noticed from the photos that I got a new instant camera. Some people really don't see the point in these or just think they are a waste of money but I'm a teeny bit into my photography and love the way they capture a moment. I also got a new lomo camera which I'm dying to try out, I'm waiting for a sunny day as the pictures always come out better in the sunshine.
Easter weekend - I ate just chocolate for a solid 24 hours, need I say more? Chocolate eggs for breakfast, who's with me?

Song I've been listening to most this week - Taylor Swift, Safe and Sound.
Currently reading - The Hobbit!



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