Monday, 20 February 2012

Brassy Blonde Coloured Hair?

Anyone who has ever had bleach used in their hair might be familiar with that horrible yellow 'brassy' colour that coloured blonde hair can go after time, meaning another trip to the hairdressers! I've been dying and highlighting my hair since I was about 12, and up to a couple of months ago I have always had it blonde. This shampoo, meant for 'silver' hair by l'oreal was recommended to me by my hairdresser (and I know what you're thinking, any hairdresser would recommend salon products to make some money, but this hairdresser is a friend of mine and she uses this herself) When you use it it can be a little bit scary as the consistency of the shampoo is almost like purple hair dye! But I can assure you it does not turn anything purple or stain. I love any shampoo from the l'oreal professionnel range as they leave your hair feeling SO squeaky clean, and the effect of this one is great. Straight away you will notice the colour of your blonde hair is refreshed and looking like you came straight from the salon, solving the 'brassy' problem. Even though my hair is not all blonde any more this still works wonders on my ombre look. I really really recommend this for all you blondes out there! Unfortunately this range is not readily available in boots or high street stores, but you can usually find it in salons or if you have access to a Sally's outlet they have it there too.

My top tips for this shampoo,
use a small amount and shampoo once, leaving the product in your hair for a few minutes allowing it to work it's magic.
rinse out and shampoo a second time using the same technique
rinse thoroughly and use a lovely leave in conditioner or masque treatment for the best silky soft clean results :)
only use this shampoo roughly once a week as the results are so effective.

Happy shampooing!


  1. I've used this before, it's really good! You have a new follower.
    Claudia xxx

  2. I never realised how colourful purple shampoo was I just thought it would be like a lilac colour! Let us know how it goes and how much it lights and corrects the colour.

  3. I have ombre hair as well and my ends are now starting to fade as I have my ombre look since last August. But this is a really good post as my hair gets sometimes dry especially on my ends. I've been looking for a product lately to help that and this product sounds amazing!

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

  4. This shampoos work so well, I have blonde(light blonde) highlights, and this shampoo brings them out so nicely, as well as this lightens up my dark/dirty blonde hair. x



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