Sunday, 12 February 2012

Life and such things.

Ahhh major photo splurge!
Yes my friend, that is pikachu! So I've just been up to my usual things since my last blog post, and in case you didn't know... it snowed! Even though I promised myself I would hibernate during this arctic weather, my friend managed to drag me out for some snow fun and a hot chocolate. To be honest I think it was the promise of a hot chocolate that swayed my decision to venture outside. We made a lovely snow cat as well!

Other times have consisted of general geekyness. Me and my boyfriend had a Star Wars marathon. Yes you read that correctly, and I bought a new game for the xbox, Disney Universe! And oh my god, for any Disney fans out there, this is amazing. Ha I swear it's a kid's game but I've been addicted. (loser) It's been really nice just being in from the cold nice and snuggly by the fire place with a good cuppa! Guilty pleasures.

Last weekend was the weekend of the IMATS show and.... I did not go :( I was ready to go go go when I got called into work and then the snow came down, so it was a bit of a failure. I'm absolutely gutted that I couldn't go, it looked amazing, really wanted to get some bargain make up brushes. Oh well there's always next year.

Been out on a few trips on the town with my lovelies! Despite the ridiculous weather we still dressed up in next to nothing and sky high heels, I'm surprised none of us slipped to our death on the ice.

OH and last night I went to see Olly Murs at Wembley, but I think I will do a post on that for all you Olly fans :)

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