Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Hair History

Ok! So I know this post is a little photo heavy but there's so much to see! I thought I would give you a little insight into all the horrible things I've done to my poor poor hair. It's a chance to look back at all the different styles and colours I've tried over the years, and if anything, it's a good laugh!
So this is me trying daring hairstyles from a young age... born a natural blonde!
So this is a chance for you to say 'aw isn't that adorable' and a chance for me to show my natural colours, and my mums god awful fringe cutting skills.

I think I'm about 11 in this photo? Up until this point I didn't really do much with my hair, to be honest I don't think I was too fussed. I was a bit of a tomboy and just let it grow all natural, long and wavy.

Now this is when I had my first drastic hair cut, I remember it so well because my mum almost cried, and had to leave the room while the hairdresser cut my hair. I felt like I needed a massive change, my daddy had just passed away (boohoo) and it was almost like that feeling you get when you break up with a boyfriend (rubbish comparison I know) but with a change of lifestyle comes a new haircut - it was very therapeutic! So I had this very on trend at the time cut going on, with choppy layers, this was also when I started putting a few highlights in.

This is the beginning of a phase that I really can't apologise for. I'd call this the rebellious stage of my life. Whilst away with my 'step family' for a month in Australia (amazing by the way) my step sister and I made a cheeky trip to the supermarket to buy some hair dye, then hid in the bath room and we both dyed our hair brown/black with out telling anyone. I cannot tell you the amount of trouble we got in. My mum got the shock of her life when I came back to England! Woops.

Then this happened. Hello emo! Sporting the mullet-extensions look. To be honest I have to say this point in my life was so much fun. I really enjoyed being a little bit wild and everyone thinking I was a weirdo. I thought I looked great! This side to me has never left me really, every thing that I liked back then I still like now (music etc), I just don't have the image to go with it!

Then comes the a-symmetric fringe. I have no idea why. Everyone who was anyone was rocking the side fringe back then so I thought I would be a bit different. Totally unrelated to hair, this is when I first met my current boyfriend. He'll kill me for posting his blonde locks on the internet!

Moving on to about 2008 now and I dyed my hair back blonde! Hurraahhh! I remember it being so difficult though, it took two rounds of bleach at the hairdressers to get that horrible gingery colour out. but we managed it.

I left my hair alone for about a year and just let it grow and grow and grow! Getting a full head of highlights every 3 months because by this time, was natural hair colour had gone a dark mousey blonde/brown.

This is me at sixth form, I would occasionally curl my hair with my ghd's but apart from that I left my hair well alone. In this time it grew really healthy a strong. Yay!

After leaving school I got my old fringe cut in again, then quickly decided I didn't like it! I'm pretty sure it made my face look a bit chubby.

Here is the return of the hair dye!! dun dun duuuunnn. I grew my fringe out as much as I could and usually wore it in a middle parting. I cant remember even going this blonde! I have a feeling a might have got a bit carried away...

And from one extreme to another, this is the start of my ombre hair. This is when I was away on long haul as cabin crew, I was so sick of putting my blonde hair up for work and being able to see really dark roots, so I took the plunge and dyed it dark again. My boyfriend says he prefers me with dark hair anyway so I was quite happy to do it. Mum wasn't best please so I came to a compromise with her that I would keep the ends blonde, and she loved it! As for the ombre itself, I didn't do it myself, I was too scared! my hair dresser is a friend of mine and an absolute genius, so it was her magic hands that achieved this!

This is a bit more recent, Christmas 2011, by this time I changed my ombre slightly by moving the blonde lower down, I wasn't completely happy with how it was before.

Hello 2012! So this is how it is now. I've lightened the brown a little but I think it's gone a tad ginger... woops. But I'm happy. As for styling I try to take good care of it and only use heated styling tools every other day. I'm quite happy to just let it go natural and a bit messy. The easier the better!
Hopefully I'll be doing more posts on the products that I use in my hair and things I would recommend.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nail Rock - Nail Wraps

I thought I would share my first attempt at using Nail Wraps. I've collected loads over the past few shopping trips and they seem to have piled up in my room as I've been to scared to try them!  The instructions show that you have to:
1. File and buff the nail
2. Clean them with nail varnish remover
3. Stick the nail wrap on like a sticker
4. File off the excess edge

By using this technique then applying a 'finishing touch' top coat, I managed to achieve this result. Not bad for a first timer. Definitely need some more practise though.
I think they look so great and I've had loads of compliments from strangers! Can't wait to try some new designs, it's such a brilliant idea!
What do you think of nail wraps? Let me know :)

Nail Rock nail wraps - Topshop £6.50

Thursday, 23 February 2012

One jumper, Two ways.

Head to toe: Jumper - Internaçionale, rings & rune bracelet - Topshop, bag - Internaçionale, Skirt - Internaçionale, tights - H&M, chelsea boots - Topshop.

Head to toe: Jacket - Missguided, jumper - Internaçionale, skirt - Topshop, tights -H&M, shoes - Urban Outfitters.

Thought I would do a little 'outfit of the day' style post today with a gorgeous salmon pink bargain jumper I found yesterday. For those of you who haven't heard of 'Internaçionale' it's a little gem of a store I have in my local mall, the only way I can think to describe it is a 'cheap Topshop', as we all know Topshop is getting a bit cheeky with their pricing these days, Internaçionale is a great place to find the things you want but at bargain place. What isn't to like!?
Today feels like the first sunny day of 2012, so it was nice to get out in the fresh air to show you these outfits :) enjoy!

I also had a little nail art sesh this morning painting the pokemon 'Jigglypuff' onto my already pink (Topshop 'Milkshake') nails. So cute ^_^

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Birthday Wishlist

Its my birthday in just over one month! Seen lots of little things everywhere that I really want, not sure if I will ask for them for my birthday or just save up to get them for myself! I'm not a big fan of asking for birthday presents, I hate the idea of someone else spending their money on me... I feel so guilty! Is that weird?
Really have my eye on getting a UV nail lamp with the hardening varnish, I love painting my nails and I have used this in a salon but it seems like such a good idea to have one at home. Also would love to get some nail art pens as it would make all the little patterns I like to attempt a lot easier. On the subject of nails I'm loving Model's Own 'Utopia', almost bought it today but put it back :( I'd already spent too much money. Other thins include jewellery, rings in particular these ones from River Island caught my eye today. And the purse! Oh my god the purse from River Island was gorgeous. I love anime films :) haven't seen Ponyo yet :) I've run out of Moroccan oil now, my last bottle lasted me over a year, even though I've practically used it every day! Can't get enough of this stuff.
Not got much planned for my birthday, I'm not really a big party-er (im so boring) and lots of my friends have birthdays in March which we are going out clubbing for so I'm keeping my birthday an intimate one! Think I'm going to have a meal with my friends, I like that sort of atmosphere. One exciting thing that is happening on my birthday is The Hunger Games is coming out in the cinema! I've been a massive fan of the books and I'm so excited about the film! Mega nerd.

February Glossy Box

This month has flown by! Is it Glossy Box time again already!? Wow weeeee. LOVE the dusty rose colour of this month's box.
DUWOP Venom Gloss - This gloss uses the 'lip venom' plumping technique which gives your lips that strange tingly feeling, it's such a weird sensation I can't decide whether I like it or not! The colour is a lovely simple nude, very wearable as an every day gloss. So far so good!
PAUL MITCHELL Round Trip - As someone with naturally poker straight hair, I wondered whether a curl defining product would actually have any effect. I used it on wet hair before I let it dry naturally and the end result was a slight wave, as for the condition I haven't noticed any difference. I'm not so sure about this product and maybe think it is meant for people who want to tame their curls? (the packaging give nothing away!) I might try it again when styling it with curlers.
DR BRONNER Magic Liquid Soap - Reading the bottle I absolutely love the ingredients in this body wash - coconut, olive, jojoba and kemp, all the lovely smells I like in a body product. I'm not sure why, I think it reminds me of holidays and exotic places. It reminds me of a coconut body spray I used to wear as cabin crew so i would always smell of holidays :) The product itself is great and lathers up nicely, definitely feel squeaky clean after this one! It has been a nice replacement from the last glossy box body wash.
BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eye Shadow - 'Award winning eye shadow' and I completely see why. Mineral make-up products are a real love-hate subject. I personally never used to get on with them until just recently I re-discovered Bare Minerals foundation, which I now adore. The eye shadow is nicely pigmented with a bit of shimmer and it has stayed on perfectly all day.
COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Body Lotion - I used this just after I came out of the shower this morning and it's left my skin feeling silky smooth all day. I can't really say much about this product, the scent hasn't lasted all day and I don't think I would choose it over my usual body butter. I think this one will need a few more tries!

Mr Tibbles is loving Glossy Box

Monday, 20 February 2012

Brassy Blonde Coloured Hair?

Anyone who has ever had bleach used in their hair might be familiar with that horrible yellow 'brassy' colour that coloured blonde hair can go after time, meaning another trip to the hairdressers! I've been dying and highlighting my hair since I was about 12, and up to a couple of months ago I have always had it blonde. This shampoo, meant for 'silver' hair by l'oreal was recommended to me by my hairdresser (and I know what you're thinking, any hairdresser would recommend salon products to make some money, but this hairdresser is a friend of mine and she uses this herself) When you use it it can be a little bit scary as the consistency of the shampoo is almost like purple hair dye! But I can assure you it does not turn anything purple or stain. I love any shampoo from the l'oreal professionnel range as they leave your hair feeling SO squeaky clean, and the effect of this one is great. Straight away you will notice the colour of your blonde hair is refreshed and looking like you came straight from the salon, solving the 'brassy' problem. Even though my hair is not all blonde any more this still works wonders on my ombre look. I really really recommend this for all you blondes out there! Unfortunately this range is not readily available in boots or high street stores, but you can usually find it in salons or if you have access to a Sally's outlet they have it there too.

My top tips for this shampoo,
use a small amount and shampoo once, leaving the product in your hair for a few minutes allowing it to work it's magic.
rinse out and shampoo a second time using the same technique
rinse thoroughly and use a lovely leave in conditioner or masque treatment for the best silky soft clean results :)
only use this shampoo roughly once a week as the results are so effective.

Happy shampooing!

London Fashion Week - Bourjois Pop Up Boutique

If you're lucky enough to live in or near London you might notice that it's Fashion Week! Hurraaahh! I love to get stuck in and see whats going on, to be honest it's quite nice to just be in London to just notice everything around you. I love looking at what people are wearing on the streets, and window displays, I love that everyone makes some sort of input.
I went along to the 'pop up boutique' which Bourjois UK were hosting in Shoredicth Beach Blanket Babylon. For those who are not familiar with Bourjoirs they are a popular and affordable cosmetics brand available in most drugstores (boots, superdrug etc).
The event was great, we got to browse all Bourjoirs' products and purchase at a really discounted price, we also got the chance to get our nails and make-up done by professionals.
And what's a beauty event without a goodie bag?! I got some really lovely things, my favourite was the light up mirror, what a good idea! Thank you Bourjois UK for the lovely day.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Feeling Green

Went on a Topshop mad shop to feed my nail varnish addiction seeing as they are so affordable (£6) and there are so many colours to choose from. I really fancied a green, no idea why, and came across these lovelies which aren't your usual everyday colours. I got creative and painted all but my ring finger in the darker shade 'Jewel In The Crown' and painted the remaining one in 'Gone Fishing' with a top coat of 'Ice Crush' which is an amazing dupe of OPI 'Servin' Up Sparkle' and China Glaze 'Shooting Stars' and I was actually quite impressed by this Topshop version, such a bargain and it's so pretty! Over all I think Topshop nail varnish (as well as their make up) is such a good buy, most of the time it's more affordable than drug store prices and it's really good quality.
When I use Topshop nail varnish I usual apply 2 coats and a normal clear top coat to get this finish.

Life and such things.

Ahhh major photo splurge!
Yes my friend, that is pikachu! So I've just been up to my usual things since my last blog post, and in case you didn't know... it snowed! Even though I promised myself I would hibernate during this arctic weather, my friend managed to drag me out for some snow fun and a hot chocolate. To be honest I think it was the promise of a hot chocolate that swayed my decision to venture outside. We made a lovely snow cat as well!

Other times have consisted of general geekyness. Me and my boyfriend had a Star Wars marathon. Yes you read that correctly, and I bought a new game for the xbox, Disney Universe! And oh my god, for any Disney fans out there, this is amazing. Ha I swear it's a kid's game but I've been addicted. (loser) It's been really nice just being in from the cold nice and snuggly by the fire place with a good cuppa! Guilty pleasures.

Last weekend was the weekend of the IMATS show and.... I did not go :( I was ready to go go go when I got called into work and then the snow came down, so it was a bit of a failure. I'm absolutely gutted that I couldn't go, it looked amazing, really wanted to get some bargain make up brushes. Oh well there's always next year.

Been out on a few trips on the town with my lovelies! Despite the ridiculous weather we still dressed up in next to nothing and sky high heels, I'm surprised none of us slipped to our death on the ice.

OH and last night I went to see Olly Murs at Wembley, but I think I will do a post on that for all you Olly fans :)


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