Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fashion event with Glamour and Desigual


Hi! So this week Glamour magazine were kind enough to invite me and my cousin along to a little event at Desigual's flagship store in Oxford street. We went along and had some drinks and watched a lovely cat walk show, oh and my cousin Matt met someone from the telly box?? (see pic 1) If you know who he is please enlighten me! But he was VERY excited to meet him so he must be pretty special.
We had a really nice evening and a cheeky maccy d's after! Woops... So I thought I'd share the photos with you guys. Also the outfit I wore on the night!


  1. I thiiiiink, that's the guy from dirty sexy things ( He's tasty.
    By the way I love these clothes :)

  2. I love the skirt you're wearing in your OOTN, I am really into this cut, gorgeous

  3. I love your hair! The whole outfit is lovely :D

  4. Def the guy from dirty sexy things he's a model xx



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