Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weekend catch up 5, 6 AND 7!

Oh my... I guess I better explain for my absence. I promise I'm not being a super lazy blogger! My mother broke my laptop a few weeks ago and it's been in laptop hospital ever since :(
So what have I been up to for nearly 3 whole weeks!?
I've been having a lovely time in London being an intern, as usual.
 I went to see the hunger games... again! I love it so much. Please, if you haven't seen/read it already, what are you waiting for? Go go go!!
I won a competition with River Island and Company Magazine which meant I got a £30 voucher in the post. Don't you just love getting money in the mail? ha. I bought a lovely skirt with it and plan to show you all how I've been wearing it recently.
Been out a couple of time with the friendy pops which is always nice but most importantly as you've probably guessed from the photos, I went to see McFly! Do not judge! They're the band that played the soundtrack to my childhood/teens when I was growing up so the gig was soooo nostalgic since I never got to see them play live in their prime. They actually put on a really good show, I had an amazing time :)
You might have also noticed from the photos that I got a new instant camera. Some people really don't see the point in these or just think they are a waste of money but I'm a teeny bit into my photography and love the way they capture a moment. I also got a new lomo camera which I'm dying to try out, I'm waiting for a sunny day as the pictures always come out better in the sunshine.
Easter weekend - I ate just chocolate for a solid 24 hours, need I say more? Chocolate eggs for breakfast, who's with me?

Song I've been listening to most this week - Taylor Swift, Safe and Sound.
Currently reading - The Hobbit!



  1. Love those instant photos. I'm going to see McFly next week as well, so looking forward to it!

  2. I have an Instax 210 and I'm totally in love with it! My friends went to see McFly I'm so jealous.



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