Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mini Wish List

1. I NEED some heeled Chelsea boots in my life. I was longing after a pair from New Look for ages at £60.... yes £60! From New Look? Madness. But then I found these from a little store on the Internets for £35, a lot more reasonable. They are currently out of stock but as soon as they some back in they are going straight in my shopping basket!
2. I would really like a retro Casio watch, I don't normally wear watches but the thought came to me after reading Company Magazine's 'Saved by the Bell' inspired fashion page. I love that the 80's/90's are coming back round. Keep it coming!
3. This isn't a specific item, I just need to stock on jewellery! I have my fave pieces which I wear pretty much every day and I want to find some more little bits. I found the perfect little website called 'Kukee' It's so cheap! Will be making my first order very soon! www.kukee.co.uk
4. Love this jumper. Found it on pinterest and I have no idea where I can buy it :( I need it.
5. Now this is a bit of a cheat item... because I already have it. I've wanted this Topshop play suit for so long and I found it in the sale - winning! Love love love it, been wearing it every other day like a loser.
6. Now for the non-fashion related item. I'm going to start a little project. As I've always said one day when I have my own home, I would like a huge map of the world to hang on the wall. I saw this picture on pinterest and thought - I could do that! So I'm going to buy a blank canvas and have a little paint, and hopefully the result will be as good as this! Then eventually I can take it with me to my first home to add a bit of a personal touch :)



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