Monday, 5 March 2012

ImPRESS - Press on Manicure review

I came across ImPRESS - Press on Manicure in boots, they were featured on the end of the aisle in a little promotional bit. I have never seen these false nails before so I'm guessing they are new onto the scene? Let me know!
They really caught my eye, from the packaging to the colour to the style. They are packaged to look like a nail varnish bottle but when you twist the lid off you then open the plastic bottle. I thought this was such a cute idea, really original. Inside the bottle you get 24 nail sizes which is great, I managed to find the perfect sizes for me, if you're clever you can leave the right ones for a second application.
The main thing about this product is the ease of use. They took me all of 5 minutes to stick on, you literally peel the adhesive sticker off of the back then get sticking! So easy, and the result is gorgeous. You get the effect of having strong salon style acrylic nails, without the price tag. These retail at round £7.99 and I've been wearing them for over a week now. No chips, they're not coming lose, still looking wonderful. The only reason why I would take them off now would be for a change of colour because I'm bored! Even though this neon pink is lovely. I've been thinking of painting over them so I still have the strong nails but just a different colour. Not sure if it will work. The nails come in a range of colours and I wish I bought more. I went back to boots earlier in the week and they seem to have sold out. Finger crossed they get some more in stock.
Yesterday I found out that some people actually got some of these in February's Glossy Box! Gutted I didn't!


  1. They are gorgeous, I hope they restock soon too!

  2. ahh they look so good! may give them a go! L x

  3. I really like the shape of them and how natural they look!

  4. These look awesome, and by your post it seems the last a while too!

  5. These look amazing!


  6. These are fabulous - the colour is amazing x

  7. i did a review on them aswell i had them in 'working girl' shade which was a crackle effect and i loved them!

  8. Really want to try these now!!



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