Friday, 20 January 2012

New year, new nails?

This beauuuuutiful corally-hot pink was picked up on a quick dash around non other than.... New Look! Everybody does it, you're in the line waiting to pay and just as you get close to the till, the sneaky sneaky people at New Look (or where ever) has cleverly placed a range of lovely crap right there for you to stare at and eventually convince yourself that you must buy. On this occasion there were nail wraps, eye lashes etc and then this! Love love LOVE it, and of course, I had to have it.
Although the application with this is a bit gloopy and transparent, eventually after about 3 coats you get this lovely colour, can't get enough. Especially since I've been mourning Christmas with my festive reds and glitter recently (boo hooooo) I thought it would be nice to get in gear for spring/summer now. I've never seen this brand before and the colour doesn't even have a name... but I guess it must be exclusive to New Look and I definitely recommend!

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