Saturday, 28 January 2012

Catch up & chit chat

So my new little blog has been up and running for about a week now and its still (extremely) fresh!! Buuuut I have lots of exciting ideas and thoughts wizzing round my head :) so stay tuned! Really looking forward to getting my next Glossy Box so I can do my first ever official review which should be fun, the last one was gorgeous but I had ripped it apart and had a go at everything in it before I even thought of snapping a few photos. As for me I've been having a very relaxing (lazy) week off of work, I've been reading lots of books, eating lots of crap, drinking lots of crap, watching crap tv. Nice. I had a little sad moment the other day taking all my uniform and things to return to my previous job, booooo! And no, I did not get fired! The decision to leave was entirely mine but I couldn't help feeling a little bit sad. Oh well. Onwards and upwards and back to my new job next week!
Oh also, I've been having so many ideas about things I want to blog about which are not strictly related to beauty or fashion but instead.... wait for it... gaming. Because if you didn't know already, I'm a massive dork. SO the idea of starting a gaming blog has also popped into my head! It's still early days though, baby steps.


  1. Cute photos :) Also the pics of your cat below are soooo sweet! Hehe x

  2. your cat in your previous post is so cute! and i really like your blog :) following!
    looking forward to your future posts :D


  3. reminds me of beaches :D x



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